The youth are stepping out to make a positive difference in the conservation of nature and wildlife all across the world. With the many challenges facing our environment becoming more pronounced, we need more youth in every household to have a successful career in conservation thus promoting the conservation of nature and wildlife.

However, the number of students taking up a conservation-related courses in Kenya has drastically reduced. To be able to change this narrative, Biophilic Conversations seeks to host the first-ever Conservation Careers Fair in Kenya in 2020

Networking and making important professional contacts are often the most important components of any successful job search. The Conservation Careers Fair Kenya will bring together different potential conservation organizations and prominent Kenyan training institutions offering environmental and conservation-related study programs. This will create a platform for the youth in conservation and employers to connect.

The careers fair is for the youth in Kenya who wants to spend their career promoting coexistence between our wildlife and people and develop sustainable ways to ensure we live on a planet where both people and nature thrive. For students, this will guide them toward a successful career in environmental conservation.

Through this careers fair, Biophilic Conversations aims to cultivate an environment more conducive to participation by the youth in Kenyan, who are the future of conservation in Africa. By partnering with various representatives from Kenya’s conservation space, we will demonstrate to the youth that environmental conservation is a rewarding and viable career path to take.

The event will include career talks, panel discussions and various other engaging activities covering a host of career-related topics that open minds to the opportunities available in this diverse sector.