Be inspired by these amazing young African conservationists

Dailash Lagat

Dailash Lagat is an environmental conservation champion, mentor, educator and communicator. She has experience in research, communications, strategy development, grant writing and skills training.

She is a currently a co-founder of Evamor Africa an Environmental Conservation Social Enterprise based in Kenya. Here, she enjoys collaborating with like-minded individuals and communities to bring great ideas and progress to the world. Through her position, she seeks to contribute to fostering a positive relationship between man and nature. As a social entrepreneur, she advocates sustainable business models- especially for impact-making businesses such as environmental conservation organizations.

She is a project manager in the Climate Change Education program by Konservation that builds the capacity of future farmers in Nyamira County-Kenya. And in her spare time, volunteers as a committee member at Book Club KE- a reader’s platform and as a mentor in Innovate Kenya- an innovation program for secondary school children in Kenya. She believes that every experience in life is an opportunity for one to learn and grow. Impact based conservation social enterprise approaches a better solution to conservation is Kenya.

Dailash Lagat Biophlic Speaker 2020

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Nyawira Gitaka Biophlic Conversation Speaker 2019

Nyawira Gitaka

An environmentalist and writer with a passion for environmental education especially among children. She is a researcher with a focus on primatology. and passionate about program development for local communities with a view to improve livelihoods and enhance environmental conservation. 

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Vincent Ontita

A Kenyan-based wildlife activist and a travel consultant. Vincent started off his journey at WildlifeDirect as a volunteer in 2014 and then as an intern in 2015; now he is working with WildlifeDirect as Education and Outreach Manager. He is currently spearheading the Wildlife Warriors program at the organisation which seeks to create and nurture a generation that loves nature and wildlife and thus act to protect it. 

Vincent Ontita Biophlic Conversation Speaker 2019

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Elizabeth Wanjiru Wathuti

She has her expertise and passion in sustainability, environmental conservation and community development. She is a recipient of Wangari Maathai Scholarship award for her outstanding passion and commitment to environmental conservation which dates back to her childhood. She is also a Greenbelt movement full member. The Greenbelt Movement was founded by the late Nobel Prize winner; professor Wangari Maathai who is Elizabeth’s role model.

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Unelker Maoga

She is a conservationist and Pan African who believes that every generation has a mission to either fulfill or betray, and her conviction is that community based conservation is a mission whose time has come.  Unelker founded Konservation, a youth led community-based project that raises awareness about Climate Change Science, Mitigation and Adaptation in school platforms. The project also works to increase access to clean and affordable energy technologies in rural homes in western Kenya through partnership with women owed kiosks. []
Unelker is also a par time blogger and an undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi. She is a member of the Green Belt Movement, a 2016 Film4Climate Participant, 2018 Youth Climate Leader, WWF Africa Youth Awardee, Youth Advisory Council member for the 2019 World Oceans Day and has recently received mention as a UN Environment – Young Champion of the Earth.

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