Build. Grow. Act

Camilla Odhiambo

It has been evident that we are all connected, existing in an intricate ecosystem, where the health of one component- from climate to habitat, to plant and wildlife- impacts the other. It has been clear that conserving biodiversity plays a crucial role in human health. Technically, my experience proves that ecological instability impacts the resilience of every species.

Grace Chege

I am passionate and most fulfilled when working with children and communities towards creating awareness of environmental challenges and how we can act for the wellbeing of the planet.

Chepkoech Sharon

I would love to see a unified conservation model that would help in safeguarding our resources with the intent of providing for both present and future generations. This model should involve all the relevant stakeholders such as the government, local communities, non-governmental organizations, private sectors, tourism agencies, and non-profit organizations. Alternatively instilling a mindset of conservation to students could also aid in preparing an environmentally conscious generation that could help in solving the issues at hand.

Naima Mohamed

I was enraged by the negligence as we were taught to love and respect nature in school. Since then, I was deeply interested in nature and conservation. I then enrolled in the University of Nairobi and I took a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management of Agro-ecosystems and Environment.

Simon Nderi

With strictly enforced environmental laws, the involvement of communities in conservation efforts and provision of information to the public environmental conservation will be highly embraced in the next five years.

Abigail Kamau

It is evident that the youth of today are the future and we are demanding a better future for ourselves and part of that is my personal fight to help achieve sustainable development in a manner that doesn’t degrade our Earth. There has never been a generation as passionate as we are. Young people today are part of the conversation and we are contributing in ways that weren’t possible.

Anindo Phanice

The job search has its fair share of challenges, and some like myself have had to stay years without securing a place in our field of study.

Halima Hassan

Youth mentorship is one of the challenges facing Africa today. Mentorship is important if we are to have an environmental conservation-conscious generation. Through youth mentorship, youths will be enlightened about life skills and activities that lead to environmental conservation and alternative and sustainable sources of income that are not giving pressure on natural resources.

Naomi Wanjiku Mwangi

Further conservation education to African communities especially those living next to the natural resources. With the population growth, rising pressure on land and other resources, and the effects of global warming, educating communities about the importance of conservation is one of the ways to make the conservation agenda successful.

Collince Odhiambo

Without the know-how, achieving environmental conservation will be a nightmare. Therefore, when communities are educated on the dangers and benefits of destroying and conserving natural resources respectively, will help them to know how to conserve the environment for current and future generation.