Meet this months's Inspiring Biophilic Young Voice and Mentor


Victor Onjolo Biophilic Speaker 2020

His talk will be on  Being an Environmental Influencer ,  on Thursday          (2 July 2020) from 3:00 pm EAT.

VICTOR onjolo

 Victor Onjolo is a J.K.U.A.T graduate (2013-2017) of Plant Ecology and Environmental Science, and New MSC. (Botany) at University of Chinese Academy of Science Beijing- China (2018-2024). He can speak both English, Swahili, Luo and a little of Kalenjin and Chinese. Ever since his childhood, he was always an outgoing child and this habit has grown with him until now. He is an open-minded person and exploration is one of his interests. He enjoys volunteering and helping other people grow as well as giving back to the society because he believes in the habit of living for others.

He is passionate about environmental conservation and protection because through his experience with nature, he has come to fully understand it’s importance and the mandate that we human beings have in safe guarding the environment. To fulfill this call,  he volunteers with several organizations that champion the conservation of the environment through education, awareness creation, tree planting expeditions and social media streaming.


Rio Marvin holds a  diploma in  Environmental Management and a  B.A in Environmental Monitoring, Planning and Management at University of Eldoret. He aspires to be the best Wildlife Photographer and use images to educate the current and future generation through his conservation photography passion.  
Rio Marvin Conservation Photographer

The talk will be on Journey into Conservation Photography in Kenya.Thursday (9th  July 2020) from 5:30 pm EAT.



Noel Kok is a director, creative and storyteller who has a passion for natural history and African conservation stories. After the realisation of pushing a false dream, Noel dropped out of university from studying a law degree. 

With over 25 years of experience in management, marketing, music and media production, Noel has produced, directed and distributed a number of albums’, live shows, documentary shorts as well as a conservation TV series. 

Whilst his strength lies in conceptualising ideas and storytelling, Noel discovered that he had a passion for the development of people. Years later, and determined to transform the film industry, particularly in nature, environment and wildlife, Noel has a keen interest in developing emerging filmmakers, creating opportunities and unlocking barriers to entry. 
Still developing and producing in the natural history and conservation genre, Noel is the co-founder and Executive Director of Nature, Environment & Wildlife Filmmakers (NEWF), an organisation dedicated to discovering and supporting Africa’s next generation of storyteller’s impacting conservation through film.
NoelKok_Biophilic Conversation

His  talk will be on Opportunities for Young People in Nature, Environment, and Wildlife Filmmaking in Africa

23rd July 2020. from 5:30 PM (EAT)

Dr David Kimiti BiophillicSpeaker

His  talk will be on Landscape Ecology and Conservation

30th July 2020. from 5:30 PM (EAT)

Dr. David Kimiti

Dr. David Kimiti ( is a Rangeland scientist whose work focuses on restoration ecology and the inventory, assessment, and monitoring of Rangeland resources. David currently works as Head of Research & Monitoring at Lewa Wildlife conservancy and has been with the organization since July 2017. 

Dr. Kimiti is broadly experienced in rangeland science and management, having studied elephant ecology and impact on woody vegetation for his Master’s degree at the University of Nairobi, followed by two years practicing rangeland restoration and monitoring across the Ewaso ecosystem in northern Kenya. David obtained his PhD in Range Science from New Mexico State University in May 2017, specializing in Restoration ecology. 

His research and management interests include rangeland restoration, natural resource inventory and monitoring, human-wildlife interactions, and the influence of patch-level climate, site, and soil characteristics on ecosystem structure and function. In his spare time, David enjoys photography, obscure trivia, and unreasonably detailed conversations about A song of Ice and Fire

These Are


Claire Nasike

Founder Humming Bird Foundation

Brian Waswala

Wildlife Ecologist and Environmental Education Specialist- Maasai Mara University

Frank Kago

Research Assistant-African Conservation Center

Mercy Waithira

Wildlife and Ecology Officer - Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Sidney Shema

Project Manager - Kenya Bird Map Project

Elizabeth Wanjiru

Founder - Green Generation Initiative

Nyawira Gitaka

Environmentalist and Writer

Vincent Ontita

Student - Colorado State University

Salim Mandela

Wildlife Ecologist

Unelker Maoga

Founder - Konservation