7 African Environmental-Related Podcasts You Should Listen To

Are you looking for a podcast that stirs conversations about nature?

Here are 7 podcasts produced and hosted by Africans about conservation, biodiversity, climate change and sustainable living you should listen to. Each podcast will inspire you to take action, be encouraged by the real-life stories and fuel you to keep going.

Boots on the Ground Podcast hosted by Dibblex Lesalon – Kenya

Hali Hewa Podcast hosted by Abigael Kima Kenya

Africa Climate Podcast hosted by Sophie Mbugua – Kenya

Eco Amet Solutions‘ The Green Living Chats podcast hosted by David and Daniel – Ghana

Ecoville ZW hosted by Nonsikelelo Gwaka – Zimbabwe

The Climate Voices hosted by Omesa Mokaya – Kenya

Climate Talk Podcast hosted by Seyifunmi Adebote – Nigeria

There is a need for more podcasts produced and hosted by Africans about our planet. If you listen to other podcasts produced by Africans in Africa please add them in the comment section.

We leave you with these wise words;

“The mistake would be podcasters make is waiting for perfection. Start where you are. If that’s with a phone, then start there. The gatekeepers will tell you about quality so you hire their studios. Just start!”